Commercial Rate Calculator

Step 1 You will need a recent bill from the Metropolitan Utilities District and know your sewer classification – General Commercial or Large Commercial. Choose the correct option from the Sewer Classification drop box. Most non-residential customers fall under the General Commercial classification.

Step 2 On the right side of your Metropolitan Utilities District bill, the size of your meter appears. Select your meter size from the Meter Size drop box. If your meter size is larger than 4-inches, select 4-inches and up.

Step 3 On your Metropolitan Utilities District bill, just below the meter size, you will see your monthly usage – a number with the letters CCF after it. For example "10 CCF." Enter that number in the box labeled Monthly Usage. (Note that monthly usage may be different from month to month. If you know your average monthly usage, you may enter this here.)

Step 4 In the Commercial Type drop box you will find various categories such as Eating Places, Hotels and Motels, Grocery Stores, etc. If your business falls into one of the specific categories, select that industry and click the Calculate button. If it does not, select Other and click the Calculate button. Most Commercial Customers will be Other.

The result will show your approximate current monthly sewer fee for 2017 and 2018.

NOTE: This rate calculator does not apply for businesses or industries in Bellevue, Bennington, Gretna, LaVista, Papillion, Ralston, Sarpy County or Carter Lake, Iowa. If your business or industry is within one of these municipalities, please contact your public works or finance office for rate update information.

We have provided some frequently asked questions and answers to those questions regarding the previously approved rate structure. If you have other questions, you may call the CSO Hotline at  402-341-0235 or 402-444-3915 ext. 217 or e-mail your question or comment

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