Residential Rate Calculator

The Residential Rate Calculator shows estimated monthly sewer bills for residential customers for 2017 and 2018. Estimated fees are based on the current 2015-2018 rate ordinance.

The monthly sewer use fee during the winter season is based on the actual amount of water used. The winter period starts with the water meter reading in December and ends with the last reading the following April. This will encompass four billing cycles. The four winter billing cycles are averaged to determine a base monthly use level to be used during the non-winter calculation period and may be reviewed and adjsuted as appropriate.

During the non-winter period from April's meter reading through December's meter reading, the sewer use fee is calculated by using either 1) the actual water use during that specific billing cycle or 2) the average monthly winter use, WHICHEVER IS LESS. Remember, your water use in the winter can impact your bills throughout the year.   

To determine your estimated sewer fee, you will need a recent bill (dated 2015) from the Metropolitan Utilities District. An example copy is shown on this page.

On your Metropolitan Utilities District bill, you will see a dollar amount shown by a line titled 'City of Omaha Sewer'. Enter that number in the box labeled City of Omaha Sewer Fee and click the Calculate button.

If you have questions, you may call the CSO Hotline at 402-341-0235 or email your question or comment.