Field Club Trail

Field Club Trail is a multiuse trail that extends southeast from Leavenworth Street and 40th Street to Vinton and 36th Street. The trail runs along a 100-foot wide former railroad right-of-way. At its southern end, Field Club Trail will connect to the South Omaha Trail, when the South Omaha Trail construction is completed in 2016.

The Field Club Trail Green Infrastructure Project will explore the possibility of creating green infrastructure features that reduce the magnitude, duration and frequency of overflows from the combined sewer system. The best approach may include placing underground stormwater storage chambers in select locations along the trail corridor between Center and Vinton Streets. During a rainstorm, or times of snowmelt, water collected from the surrounding neighborhood would fill the storage chambers. The chambers allow stormwater to infiltrate into the soil below them or be temporarily retained, thereby reducing the amount of stormwater that flows into the combined sewer system during storms. Outlet valves on the chambers would allow the City to control the release of stored water into the combined sewer system to reduce the flow rate to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. This green infrastructure feature would assist the City in meeting the goals outlined in Omaha’s CSO Long Term Control Plan regulated by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

Placement of the underground storage chambers would be completed in a way to minimize the impact on the trail. Portions of the trail would be temporarily closed while the chambers are installed. Periodic vehicle access may be required on the trail, to monitor the green infrastructure’s effectiveness and complete maintenance activities. Omaha Public Works and its design consultants would work closely during the design process with Omaha Parks, Recreation and Public Property to ensure that the final design enhances the trail where possible, and has minimal long-term effects on the trail when construction is complete. A very similar installation of underground stormwater storage chambers was placed under a section of the South Omaha Trail, just south of Vinton Street.

The Field Club Trail Green Infrastructure project is one of five pilot “green” infrastructure projects. The term “green infrastructure” involves the use of man-made features or structures that imitate actions that naturally occur in nature. In this case, the storage chambers assist in infiltrating water and temporarily retaining water near where it falls. This would decrease the volume and flow rate of runoff entering the combined sewer system. These five pilot projects would allow the City to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness and performance of green infrastructure. The City would use this knowledge in designing and managing future green infrastructure projects.

Project Benefits

This project would decrease the volume and flow rate of stormwater entering Omaha’s combined sewer system.  It would facilitate local groundwater infiltration improving groundwater quality and quantity. As a pilot project, it would allow Omaha Public Works staff to gain new knowledge in how to improve their stormwater management strategies.

Project Highlights

Existing city-owned green space would be “multi-purposed” to help manage stormwater, as well as provide transportation and recreational uses. The volume and flow rate of stormwater that passes through the wastewater treatment plant would be reduced by the project.

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