Fontelle Park

Fontenelle Park

The City’s decision to close the golf course in Fontenelle Park as a part of the Park Master Plan provided an opportunity for the CSO Program. The park’s lagoon will be expanded and deepened creating changes that will decrease the amount of stormwater runoff within the park as well as to help clean stormwater from surrounding residential neighborhoods. Vegetation changes in the park’s forests and lawns will increase infiltration of rainfall into the ground. Expanding the park’s existing lagoon will temporarily detain and cleanse stormwater that flows into the park. Amenities around the lagoon will include access for fishing access, walking trails, attractive plantings and enhanced views.

Visit the Lake James to Fontenelle Park Lagoon  and Lake James to Fontenelle Park Sewer Separation project pages.

AdobePDF18px.png  Fontenelle Park Concept Plan - Final Master Plan - 031312

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