Design and construction of the CSO solutions will take place in phases between now and October 2027. This is a three year extension beyond the original Program end date due to flooding during the summer of 2011.

CSO solutions have been divided into two groups: Major Projects and Sewer Separation Projects. Implementation phases for both groups are shown below.

Implementation phases were based on relative importance of adverse impacts on water quality and designated uses, the City of Omaha's financial capability and to reflect projects that could be accomplished concurrently.

Major Projects by Phase

Phase 4
  • Deep Tunnel and Drop Shafts
  • Deep Tunnel Lift Station & Force Main
  • Conveyance to Tunnel Drop Shafts
  • Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant Retention Treatment Basin
  • CSO 204 – 63rd St & Ames Storage Tank
  • Minne Luse Ave Storage Facility – Phase 2
  • Jones St to Leavenworth Diversion Structure

Sewer Separation by Phase*

Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5A
Phase 5B
  • Cole Creek CSO 203 Sewer Separation
  • Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 5
  • Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 6
  • 42nd St & Q St Sewer Separation
  • CSO 212 Sewer Separation
  • CSO 210 Interceptor Improvements
  • Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 7
  • Cole Creek CSO 202 Sewer Separation Phase 2
  • CSO 210 Sewer Separation
  • Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 8
  • CSO 211 Interceptor Improvements
Phase 6
  • 23rd St & Seward St Sewer Separation
  • 46th St & Grand St Sewer Separation
  • 30th St & Burdette St Sewer Separation
  • South Barrel Diversion
  • 43rd St & Boyd St Sewer Separation
  • South Barrel Conversion
  • 41st St & Sprague St NW Sewer Separation Phase 2
Phase 7
  • Cole Creek Diversions
*Additional City sewer separation projects also underway.

System Reliability Projects

  • Burt-Izard Lift Station Improvements
  • Riverview Lift Station Replacement