Monroe Street Lift Station Improvements Project


Construction anticipated to begin in late 2019.

Project Description

The existing Monroe Street Lift Station was originally constructed in the 1960s as part of the South Interceptor Sewer Project. With three wet-weather pumps in service, the lift station has the capability to deliver up to 60 million gallons per day (mgd), but is currently limited to approximately 40 mgd.  The diversion structure, screens, and the lift station were designed to pump into the Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility (MRWRRF) via one 42-inch force main.  In 1996, improvements were made to the Monroe Street Lift Station grit basin, a new conveyor was installed, Pump 2 was replaced with a smaller, dry-weather pump with a 9-mgd capacity, and a generator was added.

As described in the City of Omaha Long Term Control Plan for the Omaha Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO LTCP) dated October 1, 2009, and in the LTCP Update, a number of improvements are planned for the Monroe Street Lift Station.  These improvements are based on a study performed in 2008 by Kirkham Michael and CDM (KM/CDM).  A Preliminary Engineering Report was prepared identifying improvements at the Monroe Street Lift Station.  The conceptual and preliminary design will expand upon the improvements identified in the report and the CSO LTCP including any improvements required to bring the entire facility up to the current code standards. In addition, the existing Monroe Street diversion structure will need to be evaluated to determine opportunities to incorporate real-time-control for diversion of flow to the lift station and maximize flow to the MRWWTP.  The intent for the facility is to achieve a reliable capacity of 60-65 mgd.

Improvements include replacement or rehabilitation of screening equipment, wet wells, gates, various piping, check and isolation valves, pumps and motors, controls, and other improvements including bringing the lift station up to current code standards.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 53082
LTCP Project Name: Monroe Street Lift Station Improvements

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