Project Spotlight

Fontenelle Park Project

The Lake James to Fontenelle Park Project is one of several projects intented to remove and/or control flows in the combined sewer system and reduce the frequency, magnitued and duration of combined sewer overflows.

This project will expand the size and storage capacity of the existing Fontenelle Park Pond. It will also separate portions of upstream drainage basins to direct additional stormwater for detention in the improved Fontenelle Park Pond. By providing additional storage capacity, stormwater flow rates and volumes will be reduced in the downstream combined sewer system. By partnering with City Parks for this project, the pond will be expanded to a greater depth, water quality will be improved, and it is anticipated that fish may be stocked by Nebraska Game and Parks.

The construction of the Fontenelle Park Pond improvements began Feb. 2017 so the majority of the pond can be drained and excavated prior to the rainy season. Additional sewer construction and structures to control trash and grit for improved water quality within the park will also be accomplished with this construction.

The second phase, Lake James to Fontenelle Sewer Separation construction, will begin in spring/summer of 2018 to the south, west and north of Fontenelle Park. This sewer separation construction will transport stormwater to the new and improved Fontenelle Park Pond.



May 2017