Principles of sustainability can add meaningful and lasting social, environmental, and economic benefits to the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure. What does sustainability mean to the CSO Program? The City is using a number of sustainable strategies for the Program including:

Each project will have specific sustainability strategies during design.

The chart below illustrates the three primary components of sustainability as they relate to CSO Program goals.

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The City of Omaha and the Program Management Team (PMT) are utilizing the Envision Sustainability Rating System for several of the larger Long Term Control Plan projects. Envision is a rating system developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure that is applicable to infrastructure projects such as the CSO projects. The City and PMT use Envision as a tool to ensure that CSO projects are designed, constructed and operated in a manner that considers overall impacts on the community and on stakeholders impacted by individual projects; minimizes consumption of resources; minimizes negative impacts on the natural environment and, wherever feasible, enhances the natural environment; and considers resilience to future conditions. Through the use of Envision we hope to lower the total life-cycle costs of CSO projects to rate-payers.