Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 2



Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 2 preliminary and final design began in September 2015. Design continued into 2017 when escalating construction cost estimates and additional construction risks raised concerns about the current design concept. The project was placed on indefinite hold while other options are evaluated. The City/Program Management Team continue to evaluate options for the Phase 2 project and the CSO 204 basin as a whole.

Project Description

The Cole Creek 204 Sewer Separation project is a multi-phase project located in a 522 acre basin referred to as Cole Creek CSO 204. It is bordered on the north by Brown Street, on the east by 52nd Street, on the south by Northwest Radial Highway, and on the west by Cole Creek.

The Phase 2 preliminary design includes a new sanitary sewer along 63rd Street from Spaulding to Bedford Streets. This sewer will connect to the sanitary sewer built under Phase 1 construction (2015-2016). Evans Street, Pinkney Street, Emmet Street, and Bedford Street between 61st Street and 63rd Street will also have some new sanitary sewer installed that connects to the 63rd Street sanitary system.

Specifically, Phase 2 currently includes approximately 5,200 linear feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer and 2,100 linear feet of 10-inch diameter sanitary sewer to increase capacity and separate the combined sewers on 63rd Street and east branching side streets. Storm sewer construction will primarily consist of re-routing inlets and addressing some street flooding issues by constructing approximately 2,300 linear feet of 15 to 21-inch storm sewer.

Project Benefits

This project is Phase 2 of approximately five planned phases that will convert the existing combined sewers to either storm or sanitary sewer plus providing additional capacity with new sewers.  It will ultimately result in reduced sewer backups into area homes and reductions in combined sewer overflow volume and flowrate to Cole Creek.


The current design for Phase 2 construction includes:

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52814
LTCP Project Name: Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 2

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