Nicholas Street Sewer Separation, Phase 3A and 3B


The Nicholas Street Sewer Extension Project is being constructed in two phases, Phases 3A and 3B.

Project Description

The Nicholas Street Phase 3 project includes further extension of the storm trunk sewer from the Phase 2 junction structure at 16th & Charles to the north and west to serve additional areas in the Burt-Izard Basin. The project has been broken up into two separate projects — Phases 3A and 3B.

In Phase 3A:
Phase 3A involves constructing a storm sewer pipe in 17th Street tied into the storm sewer constructed through Kellom Greenbelt in the Nicholas Phase 2 project. Additional pipes will be constructed in Clark Street to pick up the 16th, 17th and 18th Street intersections. This initial project eliminates the possibility of street overtopping along 16th Street and will remove additional storm inlets on 16th Street that tie into the City’s sanitary system, a system that has a history of surcharging.

In Phase 3B
In Phase 3B an 84-inch to 15-inch storm trunk sewer will be constructed along 16th Street from Charles to Lothrop Street. Additional storm sewers will be constructed in Corby Street, Lake Street, Grace Street, 18th Street and Florence Boulevard. All sewers will be constructed by open cut methods of construction. A new 12-inch sanitary sewer in 16th Street will replace an existing 8-inch sanitary constructed in the 1880s. Additional sanitary sewers will be constructed in Willis Avenue and Corby Street.

Project Benefits

This project will reduce the combined flows downstream of the project area and thereby reduce combined sewer overflows to the Missouri River. In addition, full pavement removal throughout the extent of the project will take place. Along 16th Street, the street pavement will be narrowed and provide bike lanes and parking. Restoration will include sidewalk replacement and ADA compliant ramps.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52721 Nicholas Street Phase 3A Sewer Extension Project

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