Public Outreach

Seeking input from the public has been an important element in the development of the City’s plan to reduce overflows and improve area rivers and streams since the beginning of the planning process.

Advisory groups were established—one called the Community Basin Panel, which drew its members from a broad base of residents and community leaders and 10 Basin Advisory panels made up of more than 125 volunteers who came from a wide spectrum of stakeholder perspectives.

While the advisory panels no longer meet on a regular basis, each engineering firm must meet certain established public outreach protocols. In addition, the City continues to meet with area residents, attend neighborhood and local business meetings and hold meetings specifically designed to exchange ideas and receive feedback at various times during the design process of each CSO project.

Each project will have meetings as part of Preliminary Design, Final Design, and prior to the start of construction.



You can submit public comments at any time in the following ways: