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The CSO Program is a major water quality program being led by the City of Omaha Public Works Department. It will improve water quality in our local rivers and streams by capturing or treating 85% of the average annual combined sewage volume. The Program is comprised of nearly 60 projects, including including five system reliability projects, which are outlined in the Long Term Control Plan.

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Pictured above, southern view of the Missouri River and developing Omaha Riverfront.

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The CSO Program is a City of Omaha Public Works Initiative. To learn more, visit

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The City of Omaha Stormwater Program provides information on improving water quality. To learn more, visit

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The City of Omaha Keep it Current initiative works to ensure the City’s water and environmental infrastructure is maintained. To learn more, visit

To report street flooding or sewer backups, call 402-444-5332.
To reach Omaha Public Works Department, call 402-444-5220.