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20th Street and Poppleton Street Sewer Separation

20th St and Poppleton St Sewer Separation Project*

The 20th Street & Poppleton Street Sewer Separation Project was constructed to reduce or eliminate the frequency of sewer backups in this area.

Approximately 7,800 feet of sewers, ranging in size from 15-inch to 84-inch in diameter were constructed during this project. In addition, this $5.8 million project included construction of an underground detention system to provide water quality benefits, reduce peak storm water discharge to the already over-capacity downstream combined trunk sewer, and to allow stormwater infiltration to flow through the system.

This project required close coordination with the Metropolitan Utilities District and other utilities for the relocation of gas and water system components in the area.

*RNC refers to Sewer Renovations Projects that separate sewers for basement backup relief or to minimize street flooding, but don't provide water quality/CSO benefits and are not part of the Long Term Control Plan.

Additional Resources

Project Map: 20th & Poppleton Street Sewer Separation

factsheet.png   Project Factsheet

Completed Date

Q4 2012

cost at completion

$5.8 million


City of Omaha

Roloff Construction Co., Inc.


Project Number:  OPW 51661

LTCP Project Name: 20th & Poppleton Sewer Separation (19th to 24th; Pierce to Woolworth)