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42nd Street & Q Street Sewer Separation Project
Green Infrastructure Project

42nd & Q Street Sewer Separation Project

This project, located in the Papillion Creek South Basin, provides sewer separation to areas near 39th & R Street to 44th & Orchard Avenue, including portions of Hitchcock Park. New storm sewers were constructed along 42nd Street, Q Street and R Street. An existing combined sewer was converted to a sanitary sewer to carry newly separated sanitary flows. Additionally, this project included green infrastructure in Hitchcock Park and was designed for construction in coordination with a City transportation project to replace a railroad bridge and provide intersection improvements. The project achieved Substantial Completion in September 2017.

Green Infrastructure: Hitchcock Park

42nd & Q Street Sewer Separation Project – Hitchcock Park Green InfrastructureAs part of the sewer separation design, new bioretention ponds were constructed in the eastern portion of Hitchcock Park. Bioretention ponds—both beautiful and functional enhancements to nature—are shallow areas that capture and store stormwater runoff. Vegetation was planted in the pond areas to help slow and filter stormwater runoff before it flows back into the newly separated storm system.

Project Map: 42nd Street & Q Street Sewer Separation Project

factsheet.png   Project Factsheet

factsheet.png   FICHA DEL PROYECTO

Completed Date

  • Sewer Separation – Q3 2019
  • Hitchcock Park Green Infrastructure – Q3 2017

Cost At Completion

  • Sewer Separation – $2.9 million
  • Hitchcock Park Green Infrastructure – $382,000

Contact information

City of Omaha

Gonzalez Companies

Roloff Construction Co., Inc.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52257

LTCP Project Name: 42nd Street and Q Street Sewer Separation

Project Number: OPW 52881

LTCP Project Name: 42nd and Q Sewer Separation (Hitchcock Park Green Infrastructure)