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Cole Creek CSO 202 Sewer Separation, Phase 1 and CSO 202 Phase 2 – 70th Avenue & Spencer Street

The Cole Creek CSO 202 Sewer Separation, Phase 1 and CSO 202 Phase 2 – 70th Avenue & Spencer Street Projects include construction of both sanitary and storm sewers to provide sewer separation to 101 acres in the area.

This projects are located in the Cole Creek Basin and is bounded on the north by Bedford Avenue; on the east by 67th Avenue; on the south by Lake Street; and on the west by 72nd Street or Cole Creek. Project construction includes both sanitary and storm sewer to allow for conversion of the existing combined sewer to either storm sewer or sanitary sewer. The primary objective of the project is to separate combined sewers in the area, reduce basement back-ups and potentially deactivate CSO 202 without increasing the stormwater discharge to Cole Creek.

Project Benefits

This project will reduce the amount of stormwater entering the existing Cole Creek Sanitary Interceptor during storm events and maintaining capacity in the interceptor for the conveyance of sanitary flows. It will ultimately result in reduced sewer backups into area homes and reductions in combined sewer overflow volume and flow rate in Cole Creek.

factsheet.png   Project Factsheet


This project was split into two phases to coordinate construction activities with the City of Omaha's 72nd & Maple Transportation Intersection Improvements.

Phase 1 is complete.

Final design is in progress for Phase 2 – 70th Avenue and Spencer Street. The 60% plans were reviewed in Q2 2021.

Completed date

  • Phase 1 – Q1 2021

Cost at completion

  • Phase 1 – $1.2 million

Contact Information

City of Omaha
Tim Papstein
(402) 444-3950

Carollo Engineers
Brian Clow
(816) 326-6709

Roloff Construction Co.

Public Facilitator
Felsburg Holt & Ullevig
Dave Lampe
(402) 445-4405

Project References

Project Number: OPW 53417 (Phase 1)

LTCP Project Name: Cole Creek 202 Sewer Separation

Project Number: OPW 53869 (Phase 2)

LTCP Project Name: CSO 202 Phase 2 – 70th Avenue & Spencer Street