Cole Creek CSO 203 Sewer Separation


Bid documents are complete; bid advertisement was in September 2020, with a construction start in 2021.

Project Description

The Cole Creek CSO 203 Sewer Separation Project includes construction of sanitary and storm sewers to provide sewer separation to 125 acres in the area.

This project is located in the Cole Creek Basin and is bounded on the north by Pratt Street; on the east by Military Avenue; on the south by Maple Street and on the west by Cole Creek. This project includes construction of both sanitary and storm sewer and converts the existing combined sewer to either storm or sanitary sewer.

The primary objective of the Cole Creek CSO 203 Sewer Separation Project is to separate combined sewers in the area, reduce basement back-ups and potentially deactivate CSO 203 without increasing the peak stormwater discharge to Cole Creek.

Project Benefits

This project will reduce the amount of stormwater entering the existing Cole Creek Interceptor, thereby maintaining capacity in the interceptor during storm events for the conveyance of sanitary flows. It will ultimately result in reduced sewer backups into area homes and reductions in combined sewer overflow volume and flow rate in Cole Creek.

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