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Country Club Sewer Separation, Phase 2

Country Club Sewer Separation, Phase 2 (RNC) Project*

The Country Club (RNC)* design area was defined as Decatur Street to Northwest Radial Highway and 49th to 56th Streets.  RNC preliminary design phase work began in early spring 2010.

Populated by enthusiastic, engaged and knowledgeable residents and business owners, the public outreach phase also included an open community meeting with City of Omaha personnel on hand and a “front-porch” meeting specifically convened for residents who live around and maintain the triangle along Country Club Avenue.

The public engagement team, including the engineers, communicated the anticipated degree of disruption the area would experience throughout the project timeline. The team also gathered input regarding concerns as varied as traffic and walking patterns, tree and garden preservation, landmarks and neighborhood annual events. Construction included the extension of the Country Club Phase 1 storm sewer into the Phase 2 area and the conversion of the existing combined sewer to sanitary sewer.

*RNC refers to Sewer Renovations Projects that separate sewers for basement backup relief or to minimize street flooding, but don't provide water quality/CSO benefits and are not part of the Long Term Control Plan.

Additional Resources

Project Map: Country Club Sewer Separation, Phase 2

factsheet.png   Project Factsheet

Completion Date

Q3 2013

Cost at Completion

$5.6 million

Contact Information

City of Omaha

Roloff Construction Co., Inc.

Project REferences

Project Number: OPW 50588

LTCP Project Name: SC RNC 205-1; Country Club Phase 2 Sewer Separation