Hanscom Park Green Infrastructure

Hanscom Park Green Infrastructure Project

Completed Date

Q1 2020

Cost at Completion

$2.3 million

Project Description

The Hanscom Park project is located in the Leavenworth Basin adjacent to the intersection of South 32nd Avenue and Ed Creighton Avenue.

This project features green infrastructure solutions to better manage stormwater runoff and increase rainwater infiltration within the park’s natural areas. Ultimately, this project reduces runoff from the surrounding area that enters the City’s combined sewer system. Stormwater from the park and the adjacent neighborhood to the west was studied to determine how best to convey water to locations in the park where it could infiltrate into the ground. In the southwest corner, water cleansed by green infrastructure features will be used to help maintain water levels in the park’s lagoon. The lagoon will hold stormwater runoff for short time periods during rain events to help reduce downstream flows and sewer overflow volumes. This green infrastructure feature along with the increased infiltration throughout the park will assist the City in meeting the goals outlined in Omaha’s CSO Long Term Control Plan.

The project punch list items were completed in completed in December 2020.  Additional plantings will be installed in the green infrastructure features in Spring 2021.

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