Leavenworth Lift Station Replacement Project

Leavenworth Lift Station

Completed Date

Contract 1: Site Preparation – Q2 2012

Contract 2: Lift Station – Q2 2015

Flood Mititgation – Q4 2020

Cost at Completion

Contract 1: Site Preparation – $947,000

Contract 2: Lift Station – $28.3 million

Flood Mitigation – $2.8 million


Project Location

4th Street at Pierce Street

Project Description

In addition to pumping flows from the Leavenworth Street Sewer, the new Leavenworth Lift Station handles flows diverted from the Pierce Street and Hickory Street Basins, and the Pierce Street Lift Station and Hickory Street Lift Stations will be decommissioned as a result. The lift station is located south of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge that crosses the Missouri River at approximately 4th Street and Pierce Street.

  • Flood Mitigation – The purpose of this Project was to divert the Leavenworth Outfall Sewer dry weather sanitary flow, and some wet weather combined flow, around the Leavenworth Lift Station Diversion Structure No. 1. This eliminated the risk of water from the Missouri River entering the lift station from Diversion Structure No. 1 over extended periods. The project involved excavation of bore shafts, shoring and bracing, trenchless sewer installation, construction of a cast in place structure, construction of sewer pipe and a manhole, installation of a modulating sluice gate, and all related controls and appurtenances for the work. The project is located east of the intersection of 6th Street and Leavenworth Street in Omaha on the south side of the Breakers Building.

Project References

  • LTCP Project Name: Leavenworth Lift Station Replacement Project
  • Construction Contract: OPW 52199 – Leavenworth Lift Station Contract 1 - Site Preparation
  • Construction Contract: OPW 51874 – Leavenworth Lift Station Contract 2 - Lift Station
  • Construction Contract: OPW 52783 – Leavenworth Lift Station, Flood Mitigation


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