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Spring Street Sewer Separation Project

Spring Street Sewer Separation Project

This project included construction of a sanitary sewer to connect to the existing Spring Street Lift Station. The project was bounded by Interstate 80 on the north, the Missouri River Levee on the east, Grover Street on the south, and 2nd Street on the west. Separation reduces overall flow to the downstream combined sewer system. CSO 113 has been deactivated.

PICTURED ABOVE: The Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) for the CSO Program includes a variety of CSO control projects, ranging from sewer separation to high-rate treatment facilities as well as green infrastructure projects, all implemented under the oversight of the City and Program Management Team. 

Project Map: Spring Street Sewer Separation

Completed Date

Q2 2010

Cost at Completion


Contact information

City of Omaha

Roloff Construction Co., Inc.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 51784

LTCP Project Name: Spring Street Sewer Separation