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Vinton Street Green Infrastructure Project
Green Infrastructure Project

Vinton Street Green Infrastructure Project

The green infrastructure program was adopted by the City as part of the 2014 Long Term Control Plan Update and included project opportunities in City-owned parks. The Vinton Street Green Infrastructure Project assists in controlling stormwater entering the existing combined sewer system, which in turn reduces CSO volume in the City sewer system.

Evaluations were conducted at the watershed level to identify effective green infrastructure projects. Evaluations considered a site suitability analysis and geographic information system (GIS)-based screening of parcels within CSO areas. Project criteria included property ownership, soils, and slope properties. The Vinton Street project along Field Club Trail was ultimately selected, designed and constructed to further CSO Program goals.

Project Map: Vinton Street Green Infrastructure

Completed Date

Q4 2016

Cost at Completion

$1.1 million

Contact Information

City of Omaha
Tim Papstein
(402) 444-3950

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52456

LTCP Project Name: Vinton Street Green Infrastructure Project