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    CSO projects were highlighted during the Water Environment Federation Collections Systems national conference, which was held in Omaha in May. Major elements of Omaha's CSO Program were shared during conference discussions and tours focusing on facility projects and green infrastructure.

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    Current Construction

    Improvements continue at the Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant. When combined with other projects being built to deliver additional wet weather flows to the plant, improvements will result in a significant reduction in bacterial loading to the Missouri River and help meet Program goals.

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    Public Involvement

    Public Involvement is an important part of the CSO Program and meeting with the residents of the metro-area provides the Program Management Team valuable input in making decisions that will impact our City.

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    Permit Modification

    On June 12, 2017, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality issued a permit modification to the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit for the combined sewer system, which adjusted compliance dates to the CSO Long Term Control Plan schedule.

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    42nd & Q St Sewer Separation

    The 42nd and Q Street Sewer Separation Project was advertised for construction bids on May 31, and a related event for Small and Emerging Businesses was held on June 14 in conjunction with the City's REACH program.

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    South Interceptor Force Main

    After encountering a geologic anomaly in 2016, a rescue shaft was constructed to support recommencement of tunnel construction in July 2017. The original tunnel boring machine and the micro-tunnel boring machine have been removed and the contractor is installing force main piping.


The CSO Program is designed to improve the water quality in our local rivers and streams.

Today, approximately 52 times each year, raw sewage mixed with stormwater flows into the Missouri River and the Papillion Creek. Through the CSO Program, we will reduce that number.

CSO! In The News

Fischer Pushes for Omaha, Rural Infrastructure Projects

Sen. Deb Fischer said Wednesday she is pushing for sufficient flexibility in the emerging Trump administration infrastructure development plan to open the way for funding support for Omaha's hugely expansive sewer separation project along with expansion of broadband internet service in rural Nebraska. (More...)

Aug. 23, 2017 – Lincoln Journal Star

Workers Extract 70,000-pound Machine Stuck While Digging Sewer Path, Ending 14-month Construction Delay

Workers extracted a massive tunnel-boring machine Friday that had gotten stuck while digging a path for sewer pipe 80 feet underground in downtown Omaha.

Workers exhaled as a heavy-duty crane hoised the machine's 70,000-pound cutting head up through the deep shaft they had built to bring it out.

The extraction ended a 14-month delay for the tunnel, safely solving a serios of engineering problems and (More...)

Aug. 18, 2017 – Omaha World-Herald

Big Progress for New Sewage Pipe Project in Heartland of America Park

In December 2015, construction workers began digging the 3,500 foot tunnel, starting near 6th and Leavenworth and working toward the northeast corner of Heartland of America park, but work came to a halt last May, when a tunnel boring machine got stuck underground. Workers built a new shaft in order to reach the trapped drill and brounht in a bigger and better tunnel machine, starting work from the opposite direction, and today nearly finishing the 900 feet the old machine couldn't. (More...)

Aug. 6, 2017 — KETV News

New Play Area Broken in During Party at Omaha's Hanscom Park

A Party in the Park on Friday maked a new earth-themed play area at Hanscom Park, with rubber and sand surfaces, an enclosed playhouse, footbridges, a special "tots" area and a miniature trolley. (More...)

Aug. 5, 2017 — Omaha World-Herald

Project Spotlight

Nebraska Department of Enviromental Quality Approved Long Term Control Plan Modifications

On June 12, 2017, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality issued a permit modification to the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit that covers the City’s combined sewer system. This modification was at the City’s request to change compliance dates to the CSO Long Term Control Plan schedule included in the permit. Approval was obtained in less time than it normally takes the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to make similar modifications. This is a recent example of how the City’s trusted working relationships with Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality have benefited the City. (Read more.)

Program Schedule

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