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    Project Spotlight

    Improvements continue at the Missouri River Wastewater Resource Facility. When combined with other projects being built to deliver additional wet weather flows to the plant, improvements will result in a significant reduction in bacterial loading to the Missouri River and help meet Program goals.

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    In July, the City celebrated the opening of the Spring Lake Park Pond and the completion of the Phase 1 Sewer Separation Project. Construction of Phase II of the sewer separation project will begin this fall and includes separation and improvements south of F Street and through the golf course.

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    Community Acceptance

    CSO Program staff attended the annual World 'O Water event in September, which is a fun, annual event for people of all ages to learn about the important role that water plays in our lives and community.

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    Current Construction

    Construction work continues on the South Interceptor Force Main North Segment. The new tunnel boring machine completed excavation on Aug. 15, and has been removed from the tunnel shaft; the old tunnel boring machine was also removed after encountering a geologic anomaly in 2016. Substantial completion for the project is expected in the fourth quarter.

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    Public Involvement

    A public meeting was held for the Lake James to Fontenelle Park Lagoon and Sewer Separation Project to provide an update on the current lagoon construction and the schedule for both the lagoon and sewer separation construction


The CSO Program is designed to improve the water quality in our local rivers and streams.

Today, approximately 52 times each year, raw sewage mixed with stormwater flows into the Missouri River and the Papillion Creek. Through the CSO Program, we will reduce that number.

Work In Your Area

Visit the Omaha CSO Intreactive Project Map for specific information for CSO Program projects in or around your neighborhood.

Current Program Highlights

  • Construction continues on the South Interceptor Force Main North Segment. Substantial Completion was achieved and it is ready to begin operation. Discussions are underway to determine timing for startup operations.
  • Construction contractor selection recommendation has been completed for the Lake James to Fontenelle Park Sewer Separation Project and submitted to City Council for review and approval. Construction is expected to start this spring.
  • The 42nd and Q Street Sewer Separation Project will begin construction this spring. Contractor coordination will begin soon to determine timing and construction start up activities.
  • Design work continues on the revised Saddle Creek Retention Treatment Basin. Sixty percent complete design plans are expected in February. The project team has prepared a contractor engagement plan to enhance communications to increase bidder response. This will help the design team identify risk and constructability issues. Additionally, the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) application for this project was recently approved by City Council, with full Environmental Protection Agency submittal scheduled this quarter.
  • Ninety percent complete design plans for the Riverview Lift Station were received in December. Contractor engagement will occur in February to discuss constructability and risk items.
  • Construction started in November on the Missouri Avenue/Spring Lake Park Sewer Separation Phase 2 Project.
  • Request for proposals for the Papillion Creek North (PCN) CSO 210 Sewer Separation Project preliminary design in conjunction with 18th and Fort Street Sewer Improvements Project was issued by the City Jan. 11, 2018. This will include design consultant proposals, interviews and a consultant recommendation for City Council approval. A
    late spring design start is expected.
  • The Deep Tunnel Project Definition effort continues and is expected to be complete in the first quarter. A workshop with the City will be held this month to discuss cost, alternative project delivery, construction contract packaging and project risk.
  • Design consultant contract negotiations are underway for the CSO South Barrel Conversion Project. This contract will go before City Council for review and approval, with a tentative design start in late spring.

Project Spotlight

Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility Improvements

Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility (MRWRRF) Improvements Project was identified as an early action project in the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plan. Improvements are needed to treat a higher flow rate of combined sewage during wet weather events and provide separate treatment of industrial wastewater to keep contaminants out of the Missouri River. Improvements will allow the MRWRRF to accept and treat up to 150 million gallons per day. This is accomplished through a combination of new facilities and maximizing the use of existing facilities.

Although the MRWRRF Improvements Project is designed to treat wastewater, other CSO projects are needed to deliver wastewater to the plant for treatment. It is estimated that treatment and conveyance projects working together will reduce E. coli loading to the River by approximately 50%. The $140M expended at the MRWRRF provides a substantial return on investment in terms of E. coli reduction. (Read more.)

Program Schedule

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