A total of 99 projects, including five system reliability projects, are outlined in the Long Term Control Plan. Several of these projects have been and will continue to be divided and/or combined into multiple design/construction contracts as appropriate to complete work.  Presently, the original 92 projects are anticipated to be implemented through 119 construction contracts.  The current status of these projects, including the system reliability projects, is shown on the chart below.  Other City-related sewer separation projects that are not part of the LTCP are not accounted for on the chart.


Project Status Through 3rd Quarter 2016

Omaha CSO Project Status

Project Lists**








*  Includes projects bid (or advertised for bid) for construction.

**  Project Lists include other City-related sewer separation projects that are not part of the Long Term Control Plan. Projects Under Construction includes projects bid (or advertised for bid) for construction.

Project Highlights

Spring Lake Park Student Tour

A tour of the Spring Lake Park Project was conducted on Friday, May 1, 2015, for South High School science classes. Three stations were set up; the first gave an overview of the CSO Program, the second provided an overview of the project and reviewed the project plans, and the third was a discussion with representatives of the contractor and construction manager to discuss aspects of construction and how the contractor accomplishes the work. Approximately 25 people toured the site and were provided details on the project construction. The Spring Lake Park Project is anticipated to be complete by the summer of 2016 and has many community benefits. The project will enhance community pride, preserve important wildlife habitat, discourage illegal dumping, enhance the beauty of the park, expand recreational use, and reduce stormwater flows to the combined sewers which will reduce overflows to the Missouri River and improve water quality.

Leavenworth Lift Station Open House

The Leavenworth Lift Station was open for the public to tour Saturday, September 19, 2015, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. This was an opportunity for the public and project team members to tour the facility.

The new facility has the capacity to pump approximately 7 million-gallons-per-day (MGD) during dry weather conditions and 45 MGD during wet weather conditions and also includes screening and grit removal. In addition to pumping flows from the Leavenworth Street Sewer, the new Leavenworth Lift Station will also handle flows diverted from the Pierce Street and Hickory Street Basins. The existing Pierce Street Lift Station, Hickory Street Lift Station, and Leavenworth Lift Station will be decommissioned after the facility is placed into operation.

The facility is not yet operational but is awaiting completion of the surrounding infrastructure. This facility will be operational in mid-2016.

Engineering project team members facilitated tours and answered questions.

Fontenelle Park Clean-up

Coming soon!