42nd Street & Q Street Sewer Separation Project


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Construction anticipated to begin in 2017 for green infrastructure and 2018 for sewer separation.

Project Description

This project is located in the Papio Creek South Basin and will provide sewer separation to the area bounded by Orchard Avenue on the north, 39th Street on the east, R Street on the south, and 44th Street on the west. The conceptual plan for this project includes construction of both new sanitary sewer and storm sewer. New storm sewers will be constructed along 42nd Street, Q Street, and R Street. Sanitary sewer will be constructed to carry newly separated sanitary sewer flow into an existing combined sewer that will be converted to a sanitary sewer. This project is being coordinated with the design and construction of a City transportation project to replace a railroad bridge and provide intersection improvements.

As part of the design, new green infrastructure is being planned for the eastern portion of Hitchcock Park. New detention basins will receive stormwater from new inlets on 42nd Street, will detain flows and allow for infiltration, before directing the remaining stormwater flows back into the new separate storm system.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52257
LTCP Project Name: 42nd Street and Q Street Sewer Separation