Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation, Phase 3


Phase 3 study began in September 2017 to evaluate the alignment and sizing of the proposed storm and sanitary sewers in the area bounded by Northwest Drive on the North, North 56th Street on the East, Sprague Street on the South, and North 60th Street on the West.

In order to determine the correct sizing, alignment and depth of the proposed Phase 3 sewers, the Project Team also needs to study the proposed Phase 4 area sewer alignments and sizing. Therefore the Phase 4 study area was also included in the Study phase of the project.

However, only the final design of the Phase 3 area is included in the Design Teams amendment.

The Preliminary Design for Phase 3 is to be completed by April 2018 with final design and permitting completed by April 2019.

Project Description

The Cole Creek 204 Sewer Separation project is a multi-phase project located in a 522 acre basin referred to as Cole Creek 204. It is bordered on the north by Brown Street, on the east by 52nd Street, on the south by Northwest Radial highway, and on the west by Cole Creek.

The Phase 3 preliminary design includes a new sanitary sewer in Sprague Street and a new storm sewer in Northwest Drive. The sanitary sewer will connect to a separated downstream sanitary sewer.

Project Benefits

This project is Phase 3 of approximately six planned phases that will convert the existing combined sewers to separated sewers. It will ultimately result in reduced sewer backups into area homes and reductions in combined sewer overflow volume and flow rate in Cole Creek.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 53206

LTCP Project Name: Cole Creek CSO 204 Sewer Separation Phase 3

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