Contractors' Corner

During the past five years,* small and emerging small businesses (SEBs) received nearly $9M in construction contracts and subcontracts, representing nearly 9% of the total construction amount contracted through the City’s CSO Program over the same period of time.

In addition, approximately $21M in construction contracts and subcontracts went to minority and/or women-owned businesses as a part of the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program for those projects that received federal funding during that same period of time.

Listed below are upcoming CSO construction projects with identified categories of work through 2021. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.



Each construction bid opportunity has a Small Business Contract Utilization goal. The below “Additional Resources” information provides links to the City’s Small Business information. New to this section is a NAICS code link, that provides guidance about the categories for which SEBs are certified, compared to some “typical” construction work scopes.

Upcoming CSO Construction Projects

With Identified Categories of Work through 2021
As of February 2021

These construction bid opportunities are listed on the City of Omaha Public Works website. Refer to the City's website often to stay up-to-date on construction opportunities. Invitations for construction review workshops are published in the Omaha World Herald. (Download table as a PDF.)

ProjectBlake Street Lift Station (and Gravity Sewer)
Hickory Street Sanitary Sewer RelocationNicholas Street Sewer Extension, Phase 3BMonroe Street Lift Station ImprovementsForest Lawn Creek Inflow Removal & Outflow Storm Sewer
Project Type Conveyance Sewer Separation Sewer Separation Major Projects Sewer Sepration
Bid Advertisement
Q2 2021 Q2 2021 Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Q4 2021
Begin Construction
Q3 2021 Q3 2021 Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q3 2022
Construction Estimate $1-5 Million < $1 Million $20-25 Million $20-30 Million $18-23 Million
Additional Information*

Project Webpage

Project Update (Jan. 2021)

Early Quantities Documentation


Project Webpage

Constructability Review Workshop (May 2020)

Constructability Review Workshop (Dec. 2020)

Project Update (Jan. 2021)

Early Quantities Documentation

Project Webpage

Constructability Review Workshop

Project Webpage

Early Quantities Documentation

Barricade/Striping CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Barricade_Striping.jpg CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Barricade_Striping.jpg CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Barricade_Striping.jpg -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Barricade_Striping.jpg
Rolled Erosion Control
CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Bioswale_Green_Infrastructure.png -N/A- -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Bioswale_Green_Infrastructure.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Bioswale_Green_Infrastructure.png
Electrical CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Electrical.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Electrical.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Electrical.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Electrical.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Electrical.png
Fencing CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Fencing.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Fencing.png  CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Fencing.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Fencing.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Fencing.png
Hauling CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Hauling.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Hauling.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Hauling.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Hauling.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Hauling.png
Janitorial CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Janitorial.png -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Janitorial.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Janitorial.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Janitorial.png
Paving/Removals CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Paving_Removals.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Paving_Removals.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Paving_Removals.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Paving_Removals.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Paving_Removals.png
Painting -N/A-  -N/A-  -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Painting.png  -N/A-
Rebar CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Rebar.png -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Rebar.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Rebar.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Rebar.png
CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Seeding_Sodding_Landscaping.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Seeding_Sodding_Landscaping.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Seeding_Sodding_Landscaping.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Seeding_Sodding_Landscaping.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Seeding_Sodding_Landscaping.png
Sidewalks/Ramps -N/A- -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Sidewalks_Ramps.png -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Sidewalks_Ramps.png
Signage CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Signage.png -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Signage.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Signage.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Signage.png
Site Security CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SiteSecurity.png -N/A- CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SiteSecurity.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SiteSecurity.png -N/A-
Survey/Monitoring CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Survey_Monitoring.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Survey_Monitoring.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Survey_Monitoring.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Survey_Monitoring.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_Survey_Monitoring.png
SWPPP Items CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SWPPPItems.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SWPPPItems.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SWPPPItems.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SWPPPItems.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_SWPPPItems.png
Water & Sewer
CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_WaterSewerPipelines.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_WaterSewerPipelines.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_WaterSewerPipelines.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_WaterSewerPipelines.png CSO_ContractorsCorner_webicons_WaterSewerPipelines.png
*The items and quantities provided are for information only to assist SEBs in the understanding of the approximate scope of upcoming bidding opportunities. Actual bid items and quantities will vary as the design progresses.

Additional Resources

Where can I find information about upcoming projects with the City?

Upcoming projects for the City of Omaha are here. For projects specific to the Omaha CSO project visit the City’s website see below. 

Information for contractors and consultants specific to the City of Omaha

The City of Omaha and the Public Works Department are dedicated to creating a professional working relationship with Contractors, Consultants and Small Businesses that do business with them. For more information regarding information on bids and RFPs, visit the City of Omaha’s website here.

What is the Small and Emerging Small Business Program (SEB) in Omaha?

The Small and Emerging Small Business Program is designed to give preference to contractors that have a headquarters based in the most impoverished areas of the city to encourage native job growth that will help the smaller businesses to compete for City Bid Contracts. Once a business becomes certified they retain certification for 3 years before recertification is required. For more information, visit the City of Omaha’s website here.

What is Quest CDN?

Quest CDN is an online platform for distributing bid documents. This allows contractors the freedom to select what and how many print copies of plans they need. For more information, visit the City of Omaha’s website here.

How do you bid with the City?

As the Public Works Department no longer distributes plans and specifications for City projects in paper format, Douglas County Purchasing and City of Omaha Public Works Department are distributing electronic documents through Quest CDN. Read more information specific to bidding with the City here.

Past Meetings
  • Special Contractor's Information Meeting held on May 12 at the Weitz Community Engagement Center (CEC) on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus. Presentation: English | Spanish
Electronic Advertisement
  • Beginning August 14, 2013, the Public Works Department will no longer distribute plans and specifications for City projects in paper format.  Douglas County Purchasing and City of Omaha Public Works Departments will be distributing electronic documents through Quest CDN.
  • Electronic documents will help streamline and simplify the process and will save on costs for all parties.  The Public Works Department is excited to offer this new system to our bidders and contractors.
  • Contractors will need to sign up for a free account at  At this web site, you will be able to browse all available projects or go directly to the project you want to download by using the project identification number given in the advertisement.  This account can be created in advance, or the first time a bid packet is downloaded.
  • The cost to download bid packet documents will be $20.00 for most projects, payable through the Quest CDN web site.  Upon request, you may obtain a bid packet on CD-ROM from the Public Works Department.  The CD-ROM will be available at a cost of $50.00 (including shipping).  These deposit amounts will have no refund associated with them.
  • As part of the sign-up process, contractors will be required to give a valid email address.  This address will only be used to notify bidders of addenda or other information applicable to the project.
  • If you have questions or need help with the sign-up process, please contact Quest CDN at (952) 233-1632 or email
Using Local Contractors
Besides the emphasis on working with small businesses, CSO has awarded 80% of contracts to local contractors, which strengthens Omaha’s local economy.
Engaging EEIP
CSO works to encourage small businesses, to create opportunities within CSO projects and to educate youth through its Economic Inclusion Plan.

Project Lists

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