Aksarben Village Neighborhood Sewer Separation Project

Completed Date

Q4 2013

Cost at Completion

$8.1 million

Project Location

60th Street at William Street


Project Description

As part of the Aksarben Village development, a storm sewer and sanitary sewer were extended to the intersection of 63rd and Shirley Streets to provide for separation of the combined sewers in neighborhoods surrounding Aksarben Village. For this project, new storm sewers were extended north and east to approximately 56th and Marcy Streets. Some of the new storm sewers carry stormwater north to Elmwood Park where it flows through a series of detention ponds referred to as the “Elmwood Diversion”. These ponds provide a cost effective, green stormwater solution by:

  • Slowing stormwater runoff;
  • Allowing the ground to absorb more stormwater;
  • Reducing the amount of stormwater released into the creek;
  • Improving the quality of water entering the creek; and
  • Reducing overall project cost.

The existing combined sewers in the project area were converted to sanitary sewers to convey the sanitary flows to the downstream conveyance system. This project removed stormwater flows from the Saddle Creek combined sewers system and the proposed Saddle Creek Retention Treatment Basin (RTB) facilities.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 51151
LTCP Project Name: Aksarben Village Phase A & B

Additional Resources

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