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Pacific Street – 63rd to 66th Sewer Separation Project

This project is located in the Papillion Creek North Basin and provides separation to an area along Pacific Street from 63rd Street to 66th Street.

This project included construction of storm sewer to allow for conversion of the existing combined sewer to sanitary sewer. Separation reduces overall flow to the downstream combined sewer system. Additional investigation and study will need to be completed as part of the future CSO Interception Improvements Project before CSO 211 can be deactivated.

The intent of this project was to provide sewer separation for a small portion of the Papillion Creek North Basin to reduce combined sewer flows to the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) diversion structure at South 66th and Pacific Streets and ultimately to the Saddle Creek Retention Treatment Basin near 64th and Dupont Streets. It should be emphasized that the CSO 211 diversion structure and overflow pipe were not eliminated as part of this project.  Overflows from the diversion structure are caused primarily by infiltration and inflow from the contributing area to the large interceptor sewer running through Elmwood Park. The diversion structure and overflow pipe will not be eliminated or plugged until a relief sewer is constructed downstream of this diversion structure or when infiltration and inflow have been sufficiently reduced on the large interceptor sewer.

Project Map: Pacific Street – 63rd to 66th Sewer Separation

factsheet.png   Project Factsheet

Completed Date

Q3 2013

Cost at completion


Contact information

City of Omaha

M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 51686

LTCP Project Name: CSO 211 Sewer Separation