Gilmore Avenue Sewer Separation Phase 1 and 2 Project

Completed Date

Cost at Completion

Project Location

A 226-acre area in the Ohern/Monroe Basin spanning southwest from Albright Park near 21st and Gilmore Avenue at the north end to 28th and Harrison Street at the south end.

Project Description

The constructed improvements provide sewer separation to an approximately 226-acre area in the Ohern/Monroe Basin and conveyance of a perennial creek flow as well as additional separated stormwater flows to the Ohern/Monroe South Barrel for conveyance to the Missouri River. The project consists of abandonment of some existing pipes, rehabilitation, and construction of new storm and sanitary sewers. The newly constructed and rehabilitated sewers convey stormwater flow to the Ohern/Monroe South Barrel and sanitary flows to the Ohern/Monroe North Barrel. The project incorporates green infrastructure with a detention basin at Harrison Street that decreases the required size of downstream storm sewers and offers an amenity to neighborhood residents. Green Infrastructure is also incorporated in Albright Park, and facilitates the construction of new soccer fields for the neighborhood.

The Ohern/Monroe North and South Barrels are large box culverts that convey combined sewer flows to the Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility (MRWRRF) with overflows to the Missouri River. A future project will result in a separation of combined flows to the north barrel and stormwater only to the south barrel.

The project also included the abandonment of an existing City of Bellevue pump station. This eliminated operation and maintenance costs for this facility, which was in need of extensive improvements to keep the facility in operation. The City of Bellevue paid for the abandonment of this pump station.

Project References

*As of August 2017, the Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant (MRWWTP) Improvements Project is now known as the Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility (MRWRRF) Improvements Project.