John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) and Miami Street Phase 1 Sewer Separation and Adams Park

Completed Date

  • Phase 1 and 2 – Q4 2016
  • Adams Park Landscaping – Q3 2017

Cost at Completion

  • Phase 1 and 2 – $20.9 million
  • Adams Park Landscaping – $671,000

Project Location

John Creighton Boulevard, N 33rd Street to N 38th Street


Project Description

The John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) Stormwater Conveyance Sewer Project is part of the City of Omaha’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). The Project consists of sewer separation and wetlands designed to reduce CSO volumes, sewer backups, improve water quality, and provide a neighborhood amenity. The sewer separation project area encompasses the JCB and Miami subareas and consists of 273 acres of predominantly residential property generally bounded by Hamilton Street on the south, Maple Street on the north, 33rd Street on the east and 38th Street on the west. The existing combined sewer was converted into a sanitary sewer that provides sewer separation for the sub-basin. Approximately 27,000 linear feet of storm sewer was constructed in the sewer separation project and consisted of pipes as large as 84 inches in diameter to as small as 6 inches in diameter. The new storm sewers drains into a new wetland area in Adams Park.

The Adams Park wetlands and detention area is designed to provide the maximum practical stormwater storage to reduce the total peak volume of storm water conveyed to the down stream sewer system. The wetlands consist of an area covering approximately 14 acres, separated by the park road. A low dam with emergency spillway was constructed on the north side of the park, near Bedford Avenue, to provide detention volume of up to approximately 77 acre-feet, which will detain the 100-year storm event. The wetland facility is designed to provide water quality benefits and beautification elements.

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52165
LTCP Project Name: John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) and Miami Street Phase 1 Sewer Separation

Project Number: OPW 52390
LTCP Project Name: John Creighton Boulevard (JCB) and Miami Street Phase 2 Sewer Separation

Project Number: 52390A
LTCP Project Name: Minne Lusa 105-1; JCB and Miami Phase 1 and 2 (OPW52165)

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