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St james project
Green Infrastructure Project

Lake James to Fontenelle Park Project

The Lake James to Fontenelle Park Project is intended to remove and/or control flows in the Combined Sewer System which reduces the frequency, magnitude and duration of combined sewer overflows.

The project was constructed in two separate construction packages. The construction of the Lagoon Improvements is completed. Additional sewer construction and structures to control trash and water quality within the park were then built.

This project specifically is intended to expand the size and storage capacity of the existing Fontenelle Lagoon and accept additional stormwater for detention in the improved Fontenelle Lagoon. By providing additional storage capacity, stormwater flow rates and volumes will be reduced in the downstream combined sewer system, thereby reducing the size and cost of downstream facilities and reducing overflows to the Missouri River. By partnering with City Parks for this project, the Lagoon was expanded. Water quality in the Lagoon will be improved, and with the additional depth, it will be stocked with fish by Nebraska Game and Parks.

white-leaf.png  Green Infrastructure: Fontenelle Park

Fontenelle Lagoon

The City’s decision to close the golf course in Fontenelle Park as a part of the Park Master Plan provided an opportunity for the CSO Program.

What once was a public golf course is now a beautiful, expansive park designed for families, fishing enthusiasts, and health-minded people from all over the city. Fontenelle Park has been transformed into a lush community amenity, with trails, picnic tables and an expanded lagoon with habitat that can sustain fish and other aquatic life.

The re-designed park is also an important part of the City’s CSO Program which has created a stormwater detention system at the lagoon—it offers an environmentally-friendly way to capture rainwater and snowmelt to lessen the demands on our city’s sewer systems.

The park’s lagoon was expanded and deepened creating changes that will decrease the amount of stormwater runoff within the park as well as to help clean stormwater from surrounding residential neighborhoods. Vegetation changes in the park’s forests and lawns will increase infiltration of rainfall into the ground.

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Project Map: Lake James to Fontenelle Sewer Separation

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Completed Date

  • Lagoon Improvements – Q3 2018
  • Sewer Separation – Q4 2019

Cost at completion

  • Lagoon Improvements – $7 million
  • Sewer Separation​​​​​​​ – $5.4 million

Contact Information

City of Omaha
Jim Theiler
(402) 444-5225

Matt Schultze

Roloff Construction Co.

Public Outreach
Emspace + Lovgren
Brian Kaminski

Project References

Project Number: OPW 52658

LTCP Project Name: Lake James to Fontenelle Park

Project Number: OPW 52659

LTCP Project Name: Lake James to Fontenelle Sewer Separation