Forest Lawn Sewer Separation


Due to significantly higher costs above the bid estimate, the recommendation by City of Omaha staff was to reject the bid. Further evaluation on a path forward is underway for this project as part of the City PMT Optimization process.

Project Description:

The Forest Lawn Sewer Separation Project is one of a series of projects in the Minne Lusa Basin intended to remove and/or control inflow into the combined sewer system (CSS) and reduce the frequency, magnitude, and duration of CSOs.  This project specifically is intended to remove Forest Lawn Creek flows from the CSS system, which currently enters the CSS through a structure located near 36th and Hanover Streets. 

Project Benefits

This project will include sewer separation in specific areas to separate the stormwater and sanitary flows in the project area.  Stormwater flows from Forest Lawn Creek will be directed to the Missouri River during all rain events providing additional capacity in the local collection system and reducing the potential for back-ups into basements and street flooding.  This will also provide a significant reduction in combined sewage in this area.  Sanitary sewer flows will be directed to the conveyance sewers to the Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility for treatment.

Project References:

Project Number:  OPW 52470
LTCP Project Name:  Forest Lawn Sewer Separation

Additional Resources:

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