Lake James to Fontenelle Lagoon Improvements



Project Description

The Lake James to Fontenelle Park Project is intended to remove and/or control flows in the Combined Sewer System which will reduce the frequency, magnitude and duration of combined sewer overflows.

The project is being constructed in two separate construction packages. The construction of the Lagoon Improvements is completed. Additional sewer construction and structures to control trash and water quality within the park have been built.

This project specifically is intended to expand the size and storage capacity of the existing Fontenelle Lagoon and accept additional stormwater for detention in the improved Fontenelle Lagoon. By providing additional storage capacity, stormwater flow rates and volumes will be reduced in the downstream combined sewer system, thereby reducing the size and cost of downstream facilities and reducing overflows to the Missouri River. By partnering with City Parks for this project, the Lagoon was expanded. Water quality in the Lagoon will be improved, and with the additional depth, it will be stocked with fish by Nebraska Game and Parks.

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Project References

City Project Name: Lake James to Fontenelle Park

City Project Name: Lake James to Fontenelle Sewer Separation


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