Burt-Izard Lift Station Improvements


Construction anticipated to begin in 2017.

Project Description

The existing Burt-Izard Lift Station was originally constructed in the 1960s as part of the South Interceptor Sewer Project and has the capability to pump 50 million gallons per day (MGD) during wet weather events.  Although improvements and modifications have been made to the facility since the 1960s, because of the current condition of the facility, the existing South Interceptor Force Main, and Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant, the facility operates at half this capacity during wet weather events.

In 2008, a Preliminary Engineering Report was prepared that focused on improvements needed to operate the facility reliably at full capacity.  Various improvements discussed in this report will be incorporated into this project.  Key improvements include replacing screens, pumps, and motors and improving piping, valves, electrical controls, and other items related to code compliance.  The existing grit basins will also be investigated/upgraded to accommodate larger rain events.

Project References

Project Number:  OPW 52472
LTCP Project Name:  Burt-Izard Lift Station Improvements

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